Based in Malaysia, Bioven is an international company with offices in Kuala Lumpur and London.
Bioven was founded in 2002 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and since 2008 it has focused on the development of novel treatments for cancer. Since that time the company has attracted an experienced management team with a depth of knowledge gained at major pharmaceutical companies. It has also developed an international network of academic, medical and clinical collaborators.

Bioven secured multi-territorial rights to a novel immunotherapy, EGF PTI, from the Centre for Molecular Immunology in Havana, Cuba. Considerable clinical data had already been generated in Cuba in non-small cell lung cancer, indicating a significant overall survival benefit with low toxicity.

Bioven carried out further development work on EGF PTI, particularly in preparing for a pivotal international Phase III trial. A very important step was in identifying the likely population of non-small cell lung cancer patients for which the therapy would be most appropriate. As a result of Bioven’s work, the ongoing Phase III study uses a biomarker and an assessment of gene mutations to select patients for enrolment. Since 2008, Bioven has worked closely with leading oncology experts and regulatory authorities resulting in a European and US standard of clinical dossier.

Bioven is also working on a number of other potential cancer treatments.
Bioven's therapeutic focus is on solid tumour cancer.
Bioven's strategy is to develop it's own and/or to in-license compounds at a pre-clinical or clinical stage and then to use the company's core skills to develop the compounds through PDX and GEMM modeling and as necessary through to late-stage clinical trials. Its commercialisation strategy is to out-license compounds in development to global or specialty pharmaceutical companies.
Bioven has since 2012 developed a portfolio of potential cancer compounds. It is committed to the highest standards of trial design to advance the compounds through the changing environment of the cancer drug development process.

Bioven's strategy is underpinned by ownership of robust global intellectual property rights which assure protection for the commercialization of said compounds.